Appointments and Programs

Thinking of making an appointment?

Here’s the information you need to know about your options and getting started:

-> You have options to choose from when considering which type of appointments or programs might suit you best.

-> We start with a scheduled phone call to talk about your options and what path might be best for you. To make that call more useful for you, please have a look at the info below.

-> Some appointments and programs are paid for by MSP and some are not.

-> You can choose to have only visits that are paid for by MSP. These are based on group medical visits.

We start with a scheduled Inquiry Phone Call to go over this regarding your specific situation. It isn’t your job to try to interpret MSP’s complex rules, so we start with the call and have your questions about this answered in advance. You use the online booking program to book a specific time to have the call. See link at the very bottom on the page for online appointment booking. Choose the “Inquiry Phone Call” appointment.

Any visits that can be billed to MSP will be. You will never be asked to pay for any medical service that is covered by MSP. MSP is an insurance plan and, like any insurance plan, it has a set of rules for what is covered. (“MSP” refers to the Medical Services Plan, which is the name for the provincial health care plan in B.C.)

Services offered that are paid for by MSP:

I have adopted a group medical visits model for providing care. This means that you would have your visits with me as part of a group with other patients. The first visit with me would be an individual appointment – to get to know about your medical concerns, your history and your goals. The purpose of that first appointment would be to see if you qualify for the group medical visits program and if it would suit you. After that, your visits with me would be in a group medical visits setting (with some exceptions).

More info: HERE

Services that are not paid for by MSP:

A great deal of what I consider to be vitally important care is viewed by the government Medical Services Plan to be preventive care or “lifestyle” matters.

My over-all approach incorporates a strong component of considering and teaching and coaching regarding lifestyle, prevention and optimal health. Time may sometimes be spent discussing options that would not be considered the usual treatment interventions, and thus would not be considered “medically necessary” under MSP criteria.

Regarding Extended Medical Benefits Plans and Income Tax Medical Expenses claims:

Fees paid will usually count as a medical expense on your tax return, although this is not automatic and you should consider how the rules apply to your specific circumstances.

For those who have extended medical benefits – the rules vary widely according to different plans. You would need to check with your plan regarding coverage.

More info and fee schedule: HERE

Important for All New Patients:

Please be aware that I am not accepting new patients as a “GP” or family physician or primary care physician.


The people who see me have another doctor or clinic that they visit as their primary care physician. Please see here for more information about my practice. LINK

The Inquiry Phone Call:

This phone discussion is to consider and discuss your questions about whether you would come for appointments and, if so, what the plan would be in terms of which types of appointments and when. This phone call would NOT be a sort-of “mini-consultation” in which I would order medical tests or advise on a treatment plan.

The Medical History Form:

*** For AFTER our inquiry phone conversation. ***

When your first true appointment (not an Inquiry Phone Call) is booked, you will be asked to complete the medical history form.

• For most people, you will be sent an email with a link to the secure form online.

• You can use the paper version instead, if you prefer. You can print it out (see below) or we can mail it to you.

It is so very important to know your situation and your background well. To help with that, I find a medical history form to be invaluable. This form is extensive and will take some time for you to complete. There may be a fairly long story to tell and many important comments and details. You are welcome to bring in several pages of notes if that would be helpful.

The history form is offered as a way for you to get much more value out of your first appointments. Yes, it does take time to fill it in and that can be tedious. Realistically, it would take even more time for me to ask you each of the questions, give you time to think through your responses and then record all the answers step by step.

The process of finding out about you and your life is something that I love to do – it is a very interesting and pleasurable way to spend time together. However, I don’t want to spend our time together with me focusing on recording all the extensive info that is needed. We will still talk extensively about your history and your concerns. It’s just that the process of taking it all down as notes is very time consuming and detracts from the real job at hand.

I would like you to receive as much “usefulness” out of each visit as possible, and using a history form is one of the best ways to improve the usefulness of the time we spend together.

So, as boring as it may seem, the purpose of the history form is to save you both time and money. Please be prepared to spend a chunk of time when completing the history form. You will get the most value from it by filling it out at least a day in advance, which will give your mind a chance to reflect on your answers. People often report that in the process they recall things they had forgotten about. You may arrive at new insights or new questions.

Online Form:

  • You can complete the history form online on your computer, laptop or mobile device.
  • Since there is quite a bit of text to write, this is much easier to do with a physical keyboard, rather than using a screen keyboard such as with most mobile devices.
  • When your first appointment is made, you will be sent an email with the link.

Please be sure to complete this ahead of time. It asks for quite a bit of information (and thought) and you will not be able to get the best use from it without budgeting at least half an hour (most people are best with longer than this). Please do not plan to arrive at the office and then complete the form. The office is not set up to have people arrive more than a few minutes before their scheduled appointment.

Paper Form:

You can print the form at home and write on it. Or, a form can be sent to you by mail or by fax.

Click to print  –>  Medical History Form PDF.

  • This will open as a separate web page with a PDF that you can simply print out using your printer at home.
  • Please print out as single-sided pages, rather than double-sided.
  • Some people like to use their computer to write some of the longer bits of their answers, and print that out to bring in, as well.

Once you have filled in the form, just bring it with you to the office when you come for your first appointment. There is no need to send it or bring it to the office ahead of time.

Please do not plan to come to the office and then complete the form there. The office is not able to accept people arriving for their appointments more than a few minutes before the scheduled appointment time.

For visits by phone or by video link – we will discuss at your first Inquiry Phone Call how you would like to do the history form. We will need it either completed online OR have the paper version received in the office before the first appointment. Completing the on-line version of the form will probably be the best choice for most people who are not coming to the office in person.

Information From Your Medical Records

  • There may be recent lab test results, medical investigations, reports from consultations with specialists, etcetera that would be important to share with me.
  • Please consider bringing copies of these to your appointment.

This step can wait until after our Inquiry Phone Call.

If you do not have copies of these that you can bring in, you have two options.

  1. One choice is that you can request copies of lab test results and other medical reports. A growing number of people have adopted the practice of doing this routinely. For example, when you go to the medical lab, you can request a copy of the report. For anything that has already been done and is in your chart, you can ask your doctor’s office for copies to keep for your own records. I think it is a very wise practice for people to keep records and notes regarding their health and their medical history.
  2. The other option is that you can ask your doctor’s office to forward copies of your medical documents directly to my office. This would usually be done by fax or by mail.

Your doctor’s office will not send your medical information to me without your permission.

  • your doctor probably has a form they would ask you to sign, ask them first !
  • if not, you can print out the page below, which is a Medical Release Form. When you talk to your doctor’s office, you can take or send this form. (This link is to a PDF file. If you click, you will see a page that you can print out.)
  • If you are intending to take or send this form to your family physician’s office, please be sure to speak with them about it !!! 

Medical Records Release Form