Integrative and Functional Medicine

How to Start?

You are welcome to start with a phone call to discuss your questions.

  • We can talk about your options.
  • Many people will qualify for Dr. Roberts’s Group Medical Visits Program, paid for by MSP. This can be a great starting point.

The Inquiry Phone Call is to consider your health concerns, needs and goals and then make a plan for how to proceed next. We will make a plan for how to arrive at a plan for your health. 

  • You can use the online booking system and select a time for an Inquiry Phone Call appointment (see link at bottom of page).

For Functional Medicine visits, the first medical appointment is an in-depth visit – the Initial Consultation.

This appointment is 1 hour and 20-25 minutes, including reviewing your medical history form. (If extensive review of prior records or documents is required, there will be a fee proportional to time required.)

Fee Schedule:

Fee Schedule:

  • Initial Consultation (up to 1 hour and 20-25 minutes):  $225.00
  • Follow-Up Visits:
    • 75-90 min.   … $225.00 *
    • 60 minutes  … $180.00
    • 45 minutes  … $135.00
    • 30 minutes  … $90.00
  • Chart review and treatment plan development and care management – billed according to time required according to the visit fees above.
  • * You might notice that the fee for the 75-90 minute appointment is discounted compared to the others. This appointment is billed as 1 hour and 15 minutes even if the appointment goes to 90 minutes (which saves you $45). This is to encourage the longer appointments, which are generally more productive in the long run.