“Low Carb” How To?

A basic handle on the concepts, false starts and the confusions:

Dr. Cray Zinn, Ph. D. nutritionist, who works in New Zealand. She is presenting  how she teaches this diet in her practice. This presentation was in Australia in late 2014. (20 minutes)

Regarding her comments saturated fats, even more research has come out on this topic since her presentation, so please check out my page on this and click on the relevant tags in the tag list in the side bar of this blog.

Twitter: @CarynZinn   Book: co-author of “What The Fat?”


Another presentation by Dr. Caryn Zinn, from June, 2015. More insights and tips. (25 minutes)

Regarding her tips – if you have any reason to track ketones, although testing blood ketones is interesting, the best value is in testing urine ketones, which is much easier and far cheaper. For a while, it was thought that testing blood ketones might be particularly useful because urine ketones might become unreliable as an indicator. I no longer think this is an issue.

BTW, there is nothing necessary about using muesli or a cereal-like preparation. Also, lot of people do LCHF without doing a lot of cooking or making “substitutions” to resemble carb foods. Some people enjoy that, and other people are not interested in doing a lot of food preparation, cooking or baking.


Another basic intro, with a specific focus on blood sugar control:

Franziska Spritzler is a Registered Dietitian, in California. She follows an LCHF diet herself to control her blood sugar. This video is of a presentation in Australia, August, 2014. (15 minutes)

Franziska now has a very good book out on low carb, healthy fat (higher fat) eating. It is available in paperback and as an ebook (e.g. Kindle). “The Low-Carb Dietitian’s Guide to Health and Beauty”

Twitter@LowCarbRD  website: lowcarbdietitian.com



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