LCHF, Keto, Low Carb – Recipes

Low-Carb and Keto -Friendly Food Ideas and Recipes

There are now so many books and web sites that are great resources for this that I can’t come close to listing them all or even simply listing the best of them all. In fact, there are far too many for me to be able to know them all, let alone be really able to make any recommendations of which are best. I will just list some that I know of or like.

Remember that it takes much more than a few words or a phrase to describe a healthy way of eating. So, the term “low carb” can be used by people in all sorts of ways. A meal that meets just the criteria of being “low carb” does not mean that represents a healthful way of eating over time. You have many other nutritional and health needs to be considered. If you search on the web for “low carb” or “keto” or even “LCHF” meals and recipes, some of what comes up will be great, and much of it will not be – or at least will not be for you – or at least may not be for you at this current time and circumstance.

Particularly, some people do fine with using quite a bit of alternative sweeteners, but this is something that can be a disaster for some other people. Many people would fall in between these two ends of the spectrum of response.

Some recipes use a lot of refined foods or really doll up the food to make it very tempting. Just because you can buy something at a “health food store” does not mean it isn’t refined food. Consider your use of these things judiciously. For one example, protein powder is a highly refined food that has been greatly altered in its digestion and absorption characteristics (thus impacting metabolism). In addition, it has been stripped of the many nutrients that were in the original food in its natural form. Still, for some people in certain circumstances, some use of protein powder might have a valid role – I would suggest a cautious attitude at the least.

So, here are some links – but providing a link does not mean that I like all the recipes or food recommendations any given site makes. In addition, it does not mean that all the advice or opinion given on the site or in the comments are things I agree with or are accurate.

More LCHF and keto oriented web site and apps are appearing all the time. Have some caution when looking at them. Some people are jumping into this because they can see they get a lot of visitor “hits” from doing this.

People with web sites can monitor their page view stats all through the day, and can be very tempted to write more and more about what topics they find bring visitors to their site – which does not necessarily mean they actually understand a lot about what they are writing about.

Search the net in general on any recipe idea – e.g. “Italian Low Carb”

Try searching for low carb recipes:

  • by food ingredient – e.g. pumpkin low carb recipes
  • by food type – e.g. soups, buns, pizza crust, ice cream, brownies
  • by meal type – e.g. breakfast, snacks
  • by type of cuisine – e.g. Mexican, Asian
  • by food preparation method – e.g. barbecue

Simply enter into your Google (or whatever) search field whatever type of foods or recipes you are looking for.

Low Carb Sweets and Desserts – see separate page LINK

Sweeteners – see separate page  LINK

Low Carb Bread(-ish)

“The 5 Banting Bread Recipes You Need to Know About”  LINK

Note: in South Africa, they are using the term “Banting” to refer to eating low-carb/high-fat.  LINK

I like this site a lot, but there is no way I can visit and consider all the sites, so I do not mean to indicate that this is the best. The recipes look good and I find the app is quite good, too. One caution – I do not support the “KetoDiet Buddy Calculator” that they have on the site.

Low Carb Recipes Page on Pinterest  LINK

The Diabetic Alien blog: diabetic  LINK

Lisa Scherger is famous for her recipes, which she has developed for her son, who has type 1 diabetes. The recipe posts are interspersed with information posts.

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