LCHF, Keto – Sweets, Desserts

(1) a very enticing recipe by my Twitter friend Nick, known as @bokkiedog. In England, where he is, they have the most amazing thick cream available – far thicker than the 36% whipping cream available here. (Note: I think it may be worthwhile when buying whipping cream, or any cream, to check the label and look for a brand with no added emulsifiers or thickeners.) I have not tested this recipe with the 36% cream available in Canada, so I don’t know if it will work out well, or if some modification would be needed.

“LCHF custard”, subtitled “Sweet isn’t evil”  LINK

This blog post starts with a treatise on LCHF-friendly sweeteners.

(2) This blog post is a follow-up to the one above, offering a variation of the recipe. By the way, if you ever were curious as to the meaning of the term “the subjunctive mood” look for a blog post on that elsewhere on Nick’s site.  LINK

“A Demi Banana Trifle”   LINK

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