Alignment, Form, Posture

Alignment is an important topic.

For one thing, many people slowly develop “head forward posture”. This brings reduced quality of life and can have serious consequences over time.

When people have higher body weights, their centre of gravity moves forward in their body. Their entire general body alignment shifts. When people who have been heavier move to a lower body weight, how they move and carry their bodies does not automatically change.

In the video mentioned below, there is a description of putting some pressure down through the feet to improve alignment. I thing one of the best tricks when walking or standing is to push some force down through the feet. Actively using the flex of the foot when walking engages many muscles through the body and helps you train yourself to better alignment.

Most of us spend almost all of our time on level surfaces, and can spend years in the habit of barely engaging our legs, our feet and our hips when standing or moving about.


1) this short 3 minute video presents posture information in a way you likely have not heard before. How she explains it is very effective. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to link to it separately, so here it is in a page of other useful videos on the Osteoporosis Canada site.

The video on posture is the second one down.

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