Walking and Light Activity

(1) The benefits of brisk walking re: cognitive function are documented.

Spending your time doing on-line “cognitive exercises”, not so much.

“Walking three hours a week improves brain function: UBC research

For those with mild cognitive impairment caused by mini-strokes, exercise is the best medicine”

Research from UBC, in The Vancouver Sun July 2015 LINK

– who could benefit from this info?

” Mini-strokes affect up to half of the population over forty, but usually go unnoticed until damage builds, she notes. Alzheimer’s disease is a more high-profile cause of dementia, but blockages to tiny blood vessels in the brain also create cognitive impairment including memory loss, difficulty with complex daily activities like banking or trouble with decision making and problem solving “

– what exactly did the people do?

” Participants in one group took part in an hour of aerobic exercise three times per week while those in the other group followed their usual routine with an additional education seminar on nutrition once per month. All completed memory and cognitive tests at the beginning and end of the study.

The aerobic exercise was walking outside with another person and participants gradually worked up to raising their heart rates to a moderate level, where they could carry on conversations with a bit of difficulty.

At the end of six months, the brisk walkers improved their scores on cognitive function, memory and selective attention, compared to the control group.

Brain scans afterward also showed improvements in the walking group. “

– what other activity to think about?

” Liu-Ambrose’s past work includes research that concluded weight training is more effective than aerobic exercise or stretching in slowing the progress of dementia among women over 70. “

(2) See post: Brief Activity Can Help Insulin and Blood Glucose

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