Cues and Triggers Influence Eating

Environmental Factors that Influence Eating

One of the areas of eating behaviour and appetite that is very actively researched is the topic of how what is around us influences our eating choices and behaviours.

It is worthwhile to learn about these eating cues – both from what has been found in research and what you experience in your life.

A test of how well you are caring for yourself is to notice how resilient or susceptible you are to things you see, smell, and hear in the environment.

If I walk into a grocery store and suddenly I’m noticing the sweets and things I don’t normally choose to eat are looking like nog-lost old friends, I know that I have gotten into a state of not having high resilience.

Resilience will fluctuate for us all. Life happens. If you notice that you often are feeling low resilience to unwanted eating cues, maybe it’s time to see what ou can do to change that.

Here is a presentation by one of the top researchers in the field.

His most recent book is “Slim by Design”

Presenter: Brian Wansink   Topic: “Slim by Design”

“Brian Wansink, the John Dyson Professor of Consumer Behavior at Cornell and head of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab, offers lab-tested ideas that anyone can use to eat better and eat less without thinking about it, July 23, 2014”

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