The Bredesen Protocol and the ReCODE Report

An Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention and Treatment

In December 2016, I was intrigued and privileged to attend a 3-day physician training program on the background and application of the Bredesen Protocol.

So far, there are only a small number of people who have been included in his published reports. Despite the small number, this is still of great importance. There had been no such previous published documented examples of improvement.

Please have a look at the videos below. By the way, towards the end of the second video below, when Dr. Dale Bredesen refers to a training program, that is the program I attended (the video was recorded just prior).

Waiting to ask my question – Dec 3, 2016.

The program was held at The Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and the room was packed with practitioners from many countries. Dr. Bredesen was the founding president of The Buck Institute.

You can find a short video explaining the basics of Alzheimer’s Disease by scrolling to the bottom of this page. It explains terms such as “plaques” and “tangles” and tau protein and amyloid beta. Just 4:20 minutes long, this video has excellent imagery and I highly recommend it.

More information about Dr. Dale Bredesen and the Bredesen Protocol can be found at  .

Dr. Bredesen and his team offer support for people interested in this approach, including providing an individualized ReCODE Report.


Dr. Bredesen’s book “The End of Alzheimer’s” was released August 22nd. (LINK to Amazon – just so it is easy to see about the book, I have no financial ties to Amazon and the book is available via other outlets as well.)

For information about appointments or the Brain Health Program at my office, see HERE


From the website:

The global burden of dementia is staggering, and unfortunately on the rise. 
Of the 318 million Americans currently living, 45 million will develop Alzheimer’s disease. 
There are 75 million Americans with ApoE4, the most important genetic risk factor 
for Alzheimer’s disease.
It is expected that by 2050, there will be over 160,000,000 patients with Alzheimer’s 
disease globally. 

For women, Alzheimer’s is more common than breast cancer, as women make up over 65% 
of the patients and 60% of the caregivers. 

How can we improve this dire situation?

Dr. Dale Bredesen has spent over 30 years researching the treatment and prevention 
of Alzheimer’s disease, and has recently published the first paper on 
the Reversal Of Cognitive Decline in patients with early Alzheimer’s disease 
and its precursors, MCI and SCI.

This 7 minute video is an introduction:

Below is a longer version. It does get complex, but is fascinating if you can put up with all the jargon:

Please call if you would like to come in to discuss any health concerns or questions with me.

An excellent brief video explaining the basics of what is going on physically in the brain in Alzheimer’s Disease (Note: the term “Alzheimers Disease” is used interchangeably, as there is a move in the scientific world to dropping the ” ‘ ” before the “s” in all diseases that were named after people.)




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