Multiple Sclerosis

In regards to multiple sclerosis, there are many topics related to foods, nutrition and other aspects of self-care or “lifestyle” that have received attention.

One of the most prominent people engaging in considering the research and evidence about this is Terry Wahls, M.D. She has reported her own personal experience with M.S. and the changes she made in her own diet and lifestyle. Her medical improvement occurred after her lifestyle changes in a timing that suggests her improvements may have been in direct response to the changes she made. This experience has motivated her to pursue careful research trials to evaluate this possibility further. She has a book, a TEDx talk, and other resources.

Her website

A recent interview:

(Note: the interviewer refers to ALS as an auto-immune disease. At this point, the evidence does not point in that direction.)

“#3 Dr. Terry Wahls: Linking Mitochondrial Health to Autoimmune and Chronic Disease”