Diabetes and Nerves

  • damage to nerves is one of the basic mechanisms of how diabetes and pre-diabetes lead to damage in the body
  • it would take a massive textbook to fully cover the subject, because all tissues and all areas of the body depend on proper nerve function
  • it can affect all types of nerves – sensory nerves, motor nerves (command muscles) and autonomic nerves
  • the damage can be more obviously nerve-related, such as pins and needles over the feet and ankles, or less obviously nerve-related, such as nausea or a tendency to feel faint on standing up quickly. (see the pages on orthostatic hypotension and “diabetes and gut”) (orthostatic hypotension is also called postural hypotension)
  • the damage can be diffuse damage to very small nerves. It can also be “mono-neuropathy” – damage to one nerve.

(1)  A discussion about diabetic neuropathy, by the diabetologist Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, of New York. Dr. Bernstein has had type 1 diabetes himself since a young man.

Dr. Bernstein reports on his extensive experience. Although what he reports sounds remarkable, I know of 3 people who report extensive recovery of diabetic neuropathy using his approach of restoring blood sugars as close to normal levels as possible.

Note: If the damage to the nerve cells has been too bad, and the nerve cell has has died, there will not be recovery.



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