Heart Symptoms in Women

New Research Shows Women Must Not Rely on Traditional Heart Attack Symptoms

“Results showed that one out of five women aged 55 years or less do not experience chest pain when having a heart attack.”

“Chest pain, age and sex are no longer the only definers of a heart attack” 

“The heart attacks women experienced without chest pain were no less severe compared with heart attacks in women with chest pain.”

“While chest pain is the main symptom most commonly associated with heart attacks and angina, researchers show this is not always the case. At-risk individuals and families and health care professionals should look for the following symptoms when determining ACS:

  • weakness,
  • feeling hot,
  • shortness of breath,
  • cold sweats,
  • and pain in the left arm or shoulder.

These were the most common symptoms reported by women and men who did not experience chest pain.”

Media release from UBC News, September 17, 2013   LINK

Full Text of Study, in JAMA Internal Medicine  LINK

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