Food Anaphylactic Reactions

We have to step up our game in terms of awareness about anaphylactic reactions to foods and their prevention and treatment.

If you or anyone you know has any symptoms that make you wonder about an allergic response or have any sort of adverse response you think might be related to food, please don’t brush it off or think that mild symptoms don’t warrant concern. Please look into it and learn more.

! ! ! Please be aware that there can be two phases to the reaction. You may feel that you have been treated and are fully recovered, but a second severe phase of the reaction can develop later e.g. an hour or more later.

From the Food Allergy Canada website:

Symptoms of Anaphylaxis:

  • Symptoms can vary for different people, and can be different from one reaction to the next.
  • Skin: hives, swelling, itching, warmth, redness, rash
  • Breathing (respiratory): coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain/tightness, throat tightness/swelling, hoarse voice, nasal congestion or hay fever-like symptoms (runny nose and watery eyes, sneezing), trouble swallowing
  • Stomach (gastrointestinal): nausea, pain/cramps, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Heart (cardiovascular): pale/blue colour, weak pulse, passing out, dizzy/lightheaded, shock
  • Other: anxiety, feeling of “impending doom”, headache, uterine cramps, metallic taste in mouth

During anaphylaxis, a person may have trouble breathing or experience a drop in blood pressure.


These symptoms can lead to death if not treated.

Symptoms can easily be mistaken for something else. Early or mild symptoms are easily dismissed as insignificant. The above is not nearly enough info to base a decision on. Please discuss any concerns with your doctor.

Video: What is Anaphylaxis?


Thanks to Canadian Institute for Health Information for these graphics.  @CIHI_ICIS






Food Allergy  Twitter @FoodAllergyCan

Their web site provides such excellent info that there is no point re-stating it here.  Info, extensive resources, support and videos. Link to their YouTube channel.

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