Gluten Sensitivity – NCGS

  • “Gluten Sensitivity” has recently been recognized as a condition. The term Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity is most commonly used (NCGS).
  • Although we refer to this as a gluten sensitivity, we don’t know for sure that gluten is what the person is reacting to, or if the reaction is to one or more other types of molecules in wheat. In fact, it is possible that different people may be reacting to different molecules. Still, gluten is the prime suspect.
  • The big obstacle to understanding is that we don’t have a diagnostic lab test – diagnosis can only be by a combination of (1) symptoms that are relieved by a wheat-free/gluten-free diet and that return with re-exposure to wheat/gluten (to count as scientific, done under double-blind conditions) along with (2) the person known to not have celiac disease or wheat allergy. Research efforts are underway to try to establish any useful lab findings or diagnostic test.
  • some of the research papers published on this topic have fostered confusion because the researchers seem to not have known about the FODMAPS problem (sigh).


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