Nutrition and Foods Topics

Nutrition, Diet and Food-Related Topics

I am interested in all manner of topics related to nutrition, to eating patterns (diet) and other food-related topics such as food allergies, celiac disease (an auto-immune disease triggered by gluten) and food impacts on digestive symptoms and function.  This has been my field of interest for over 40 years.  Through-out these years I have kept up a constant undertaking of continuing my education on these topics.

I speak Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, Weston-Price, SCD, low-carb, ketogenic diet, and on.

As I see it, the most pressing widespread nutrition-related health problem in developing countries these days is the flow into the body of glucose in amounts and/or speed of absorption which that particular individual is not able to tolerate well.  Many people will think of sweets and sugar when they think of glucose.  The sneaky problem that is catching many people un-aware is that, for most people, the vast majority of the glucose they absorb from their food comes from the digestion of starch.  Starch is 100% composed of glucose molecules.

Many people would say that the number one nutrition-related health problem in developed countries is obesity.  I disagree.  I think that the impact of the influx of more glucose more quickly than the individual can handle properly is causing more damage to health and causing it more quickly than the harms from obesity.

This problem is so widespread, the damaging effects so silent or difficult to interpret, the damaging effects so multi-headed and serious or grave, and yet the damage so preventable with knowledge we have readily at hand, that failure to assess and intervene is just a heart-break.

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