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An Interesting Approach to a Pasta Recipe

The Food Lab ( )has loads and loads of info about cooking. There are many vegan dishes on this site. This one caught my eye because of this description:

“It’s easy to fall into the all-carbs-all-the-time trap when you stick to a vegan diet. Pasta is just such an easy, inexpensive, and appealing meal. But the good news is that it’s even easier to get out of that rut. The secret is to shrug off the shackles of authenticity and go full speed ahead with the sauce, bulking it up with tons of cooked vegetables.”

Article:  “Avoid the Vegan Carb Crutch by Flouting Pasta Tradition”   LINK

Many people don’t need a low carb intake to thrive. But, many people (not everyone) need at least to keep the carbs to a moderate level. Remember that you can’t just switch the carbs for air (unless you are successfully burning off extra body fat.) Dropping the pasta means replacing the food energy with something – in this case the trick is to be sure to use enough olive oil to result in a meal that leaves you feeling fed (or add other foods to the meal).

To Keep In Mind: There is a lot of good cooking knowledge to pick up on that site, but they also feature a lot of recipes that are not exactly “real foods” oriented or well-tolerated by those who need to stay metabolism-friendly in their eating.