Sustaining Weight Reduction Long-Term

Here is an interesting and very useful blog post on this subject by Franziska Spritzler of the blog .

She has put together personal contributions from a number of people who have lost considerable amounts of weight and kept it off for years. People report different things they have found worthwhile.

So much thoughtful commentary and reflection.

The point is not to suggest anyone copy anyone else’s strategies. People have gone in different directions, for different reasons, and crafted their own paths based on what has seemed best in their understanding and experience. I feel you might use these stories as a source of inspiration and of finding ways to look at your situation that may be useful. You’ll notice that each person has had to bring together a variety of strategies. Their success did not come simply or come from just reading one good or following one intervention. People who write books or promote diets about “just do this simple thing” are either naive or being less than truthful.

Given her background, it is not surprising that these people she is in contact with share her interest in low carb (reduced insulin demand) eating. However, as I say elsewhere on this blog, and as Franziska (and likely most of the people who contributed to the article) would also say, there is no one right or best way to eat.

“Long-Term Weight Loss Success – Regain Is Not Inevitable”  LINK

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