My Background and Approach

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My practice focus is Integrative and Functional Medicine, with particular interests in brain health, mental health, nutritional medicine, metabolic syndrome/type 2 diabetes and body weight care.

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I favour a relentlessly individualized approach that emphasizes a wholistic view of the person within their circumstances, and the integration of a broad spectrum of treatment and prevention options.

Many of the people who come to see me are looking for help with problem-solving some health concern they have not found good options for. Often they are feeling “stuck” or discouraged about their health situation and their options. They wonder if looking at this from the view-point of nutrition and the broader view-point of Integrative Medicine might bring some new insight or new options. Some people are seeking to avoid medications or lessen their need for medications when possible.

In particular, nutrition-related medical problems and interference with well-being are so very common these days, and can be of such serious burden and consequence for people, that I feel that my best way to be of use is to focus much of my efforts in this area.

My practice is limited to these areas of interest:

I feel this is how I can best be of service in the context of today’s medical reality where so many people are struggling with or burdened by health issues or quality of life issues related to foods and nutrition.

I am not accepting new patients as a “GP” or family physician or primary care physician.


I have been fascinated and inspired by the powerful role of nutrition in health since my first year in University. This enthusiasm led to graduating, as head of the class, with my degree in Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia. Next came medical school, also at UBC.  As I went through medical school, I really valued already having that knowledge of nutrition available to enrich my understanding of both health and disease.

I have been practicing Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Medicine for over 30 years. For example, my first courses biofeedback and various aspects of Mind-Body skills were in 1982-83, as an essential part of bringing to fruition a “whole person” perspective. The core of my practice has always focused primarily on using nutrition and foods as tools to better health, within the context of a comprehensive view of each person’s journey and their well-being and individual fulfillment.

This includes:

  • metabolic health, metabolic syndrome, inflammation
  • health-focused weight loss and weight management,
  • “courting” the best function of your appetite regulation centre, recognizing that imposed calorie restriction has proven to be both problematic and of amazingly limited benefit over time,
  • food cravings and dysregulated eating patterns,
  • blood sugar stability and regulation, diabetes
  • digestive issues related to foods,
  • food allergies and sensitivities, celiac disease,
  • and so on.

Over the years, I have also developed a strong interest in fatigue, brain health, mental health and persistent pain.

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